Arrow Elite


Arrow Elite leverages the latest technology to promote peace of mind and ensure the highest quality care for our partners. We customize our technology offerings to meet your unique requirements.
  • Arrow’s 24 / 7 / 365 Command Centers, staffed by experienced Tour Commanders utilize industry-leading scheduling and communications software to ensure you are always covered. Tour Commanders are always accessible for Arrow Elite clients.
  • Digital Security Management Smartphone Software provides real-time Operative communication from your client portal, reporting, touring, electronic post orders, GPS locations, and geofencing.
  • Operative check-in / check-out software provides precise time and attendance ensuring accurate invoicing.
  • Arrow Elite’s Strategic Alliance Network offers clients access to vetted electronic and cyber security integrators, canines, drones, and much more.


Arrow Elite Executive Leadership meets with our clients to fully understand the requirements of their desired projects. Using the voice of the customer, before reporting to duty, all Arrow Elite Operatives are briefed and trained to the specific client SOW (scope of work) to ensure they are familiar with expectations and the duties required to ensure an exceptional customer experience.

In addition to Arrow Elite Operative’s Professional Law Enforcement experience and training, every Operative receives ten (10) hours of Concierge Customer Service Training through Arrow Academy’s online course curriculum prior to duty. Classes include:

From protecting C-suite high net worth individuals to Class A buildings requiring highly skilled Operatives, Arrow Elite has your solutions. You can rest assured that Arrow Elite Operatives have the background, training, and professional experience necessary to protect your location, assets, and most importantly, your people.